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The Clock

Meet The Clock. The Clock is a re-imagining of the Golden Age superhero, The Clock. 

Dani Dade is a SOC analyst, helping keep networks safe. But, there are some things she can't do to help people...that's where her alter-ego, The Clock, takes over.

The ethos of Green Archer Comics is 1940s Film Noir or Pulp Fiction Novels.

We celebrate the anti-hero, taking on a corrupt system where criminals operate with impunity outside the reach of the law.

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar


Our first comic is Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Based on the popular radio serial from the 1940s-1960s. Johnny Dollar is a freelance cyber insurance investigator taking on ransomware groups who carry out attacks without fear of retribution.

The digital version is available now, physical versions will be available November 1st.

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