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The Green Archer

Our comic book company is named after the anti-hero in Edgar Wallace's The Green Archer. The novel itself is a rousing adventure with twists and turns galore. It was also adapted to a movie serial in 1940.

When The Green Arrow comic book character was released in 1941 Mort Weisinger is said to have taken inspiration from both the story of Robin Hood and the Green Archer movie serial released the prior year.

Our Comic

The first Green Archer comic is an anthology, featuring three stories focused on The Green Archer in different times.

The first story is a reimagining of the The Green Archer origin story, really it is an expansion. Much like many cybercriminals today operate with the consent of nation states, in the 1400s pirates often acted at the behest of regional rulers, this story explores that relationship. Plus, you know, PIRATES!. 

Our second story is set in modern times. What happens when the current Green Archer retires, but is pulled back in after cybercriminals destroy someone he loves?

Finally, we look to a future where corporations own every aspect of your life, including your children. How much will you fight when a corporation tries to "repossess" one of your children. 

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