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Green Archer Comics Announces Call for Submissions for Cyber Security Comics Anthology

“Newbie-ginnings” Anthology Will Celebrate the Vibrant Creativity of the Cyber Security Community

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jan. 10, 2024 – Green Archer Comics, an independent comic book publishing company, today announced its open call for submissions for “Newbie-ginnings: A Cyber Security Comics Anthology.” Green Archer Comics invites anyone in the cyber security community — from accomplished writers to budding artists and amateur storytellers — to contribute their own unique story and vision through the compelling medium of comic books. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2024.

Entrants must submit an abstract and six panels from their script. Green Archer Comics is seeking multi-panel comics, two-to-five pages in length. No single-panel submissions will be accepted. Artwork is not compulsory for submission. If artistic support is needed, limited artist pairing assistance is available, though self-pairing is encouraged. If selected, entrants will receive payment of $100 per page. 

“Our anthology is named ‘Newbie-ginnings’ for a reason — we welcome submissions from anyone in the cyber security field, no matter how long they’ve been involved in the industry,” said Allan Liska, founder of Green Archer Comics. “What we care about most is a good story that shows care and excitement about the diverse cyber security community and history.” 

Green Archer Comics encourages submissions across any of the following content tracks:

  • Horizon-scanning: Bring us into the future with a forward-looking take on the industry, technology, and people of the cyber security world. From AI-dominated landscapes to intergalactic cyber wars, let your creativity run wild.

  • WebArchive: Take a trip down memory lane to the early days of the internet and cyber security. Revisit the past challenges, the major milestones, or even the quaint technologies that laid the foundation for today’s digital era.

  • Screenshot: Give us a glimpse into your current daily grind. Whether it’s startup life, working in a government agency, or freelance hacking, we’re looking for narratives that resonate with the current pulse of the cyber world.

  • Careers: Share a day in the life of the security operations center (SOC), demystify the roles of pentesters, and explore the uniqueness of various cybersecurity careers.

  • Caution: Narrate stories where success hinges on that intuitive feeling something is about to go wrong. Explore how characters cope with impending challenges. Pitch us your cautionary tales that you want the world to heed!

  • Follies: Chronicles of those days when mistakes happen – misconfigured firewall rules, update mishaps, and more. Dive into how characters deal with blunders and the lessons learned.

  • Technical: Geek out with technical stories. Delve into the intricacies that marketing departments often ask to leave out. Share what you (or your characters) are passionately geeky about.

  • Potpourri: An open category for compelling stories that don’t neatly fit into the above tracks. Embrace the diversity of cyber security experiences and submit your unique tale.

Submissions can be emailed to If accepted, submissions must be fully completed and delivered to Green Archer Comics no later than March 10. 

Upon acceptance, contributors must e-sign a waiver granting Green Archer Comics permission to print and sell the submitted artwork. Copyright and intellectual property remain with the artist.

For more information, please visit: 

About Green Archer Comics

Green Archer Comics is an independent comic book publishing company based in Washington, D.C. Founded by Allan Liska, Green Archer Comics is the creator of the “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” series, based on CBS Radio’s popular serialized drama of the same name that ran from 1949 through 1962. Green Archer Comics also produces The Clock, a reimagined Golden Age superhero brought to life in a weekly web series. Inspired by the 1920s novel “The Green Archer” by Edgar Wallace, Green Archer Comics aims to champion the stories of underdogs and anti-heroes fighting against systems of injustice and bad guys operating with impunity. To learn more about Green Archer Comics, please visit:

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Media Contact:

Andrew Smith

Starship Public Relations for Green Archer Comics


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